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Stephen Mlawsky, M.D., C.M.M.

Medical Director, Founder and C.E.O. |  IatroCom

Stephen Mlawsky, M.D., C.M.M.

"My goal is to foster compelling reasons for providers to participate in changing health care programs. I continue to liaison with doctors to encourage and evoke a spirit of collaboration with stakeholders. As we lead to shape and align functional and operational components of this industry, excellent administrative policy and information technology teams will improve health delivery to the people that we serve."

Dr. Mlawsky served as Medical Director at the EDS Medi-Cal fiscal intermediary account. For over a decade, Steve professionally consulted for EDS and DHS. The doctor has extensive clinical experience plus a health care management background. He oversaw the administration of cost-effective quality care delivery processes. He also advised executive operations, customer relations, engineering, and quality management staffs. Forecasting future trends, he discovered, identified and defined business requirements, posturing clients to accept change implementations and health industry innovations.

Management Experience

Steve exercises project management, data mapping and process modeling skills. He leads clinical solution teams for Decision Support System offerings and is familiar with N.C.Q.A. - H.E.D.I.S. encounter data reporting and physician profiling elements. Dr. Mlawsky has been a faculty panelist at medical symposia, representing the States' health care presence to colleagues at national standards conferences and healthcare technology conventions. Activity involves participation with work groups dealing with Internet Authentication, Privacy, Confidentiality, Security, Coding Standards, Medical Errors and the H.I.P.A.A. standards. Dr. Mlawsky introduced Department of Health Services medical policy directors to web-enabled business tools. Steve also has chaired Think Tanks.

Business Card 

Project Operations Experience

The doctor's responsibilities have involved assessing organizational needs and priorities for medical information. He participates in system enhancement designs, identifying and qualifying healthcare opportunities, and brokering strategic alliances with entities for synergy. While providing direction for cost-savings ideas, the doctor gained acceptance for these innovative projects, concepts, and programs. Steve helps providers understand programs and helps them to resolve claims payment problems. The medical director influences and leverages data integration projects. He assesses national health care trends and their impact on medical care outcomes. Additionally, he coordinates provider services, measuring and interpreting data to recommend methods that can narrow the range of process variability.

Identifying best-in-class, evidence-based clinical pathways, he teams with colleagues to benchmark and apply appropriate controls that improve health care access and quality for beneficiaries.

Personal Qualifications

Dr. Mlawsky is an experienced Primary Care and Emergency Room doctor with over twenty years of clinical practice during his medical career. A Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, he has also been an active member of the California Medical Association and served on that organization's Health Reform Sub-Committee and their Council on Legislation. Steve is a boarded physician Diplomat, licensed in California and in Nevada. He has also acquired Certification from Carnegie-Mellon University, H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management while pursuing their Masters of Medical Management degree program. Dr. Mlawsky was a member of the American College of Physician Executives.

Job History

  • IatroCom Enterprises, CEO, Project Director, Silicon Valley, CA 2006-2018
  • DHHS IHS Clinical Director NV 2004-2005
  • EDS, Medi-Cal 1993-2002
    - EDS provides systems management and fiscal agent services for the California Department of Health Services.
    - Responsibilities: Medical Director for California's Department of Health Services Medicaid Fiscal Intermediary.
  • Fremont-Rideout Medical Group (FQHP) 1992-1993
    - Federally Qualified Health Plan for Medi-Cal beneficiaries in the communities of Marysville and Yuba, California
    - Responsibilities: Primary care outpatient and inpatient evaluation and treatment services and specialist coordination
  • Pacific Physician Services 1991-1992
    - Large full-service Medical Group in Southern California
    - Responsibilities: Managed Care and Urgent Care Services (Utilization/QM) for the population of Hemet, California
  • Churchill Community Hospital 1990-1991
    - Emergency Room Facility serving Northern Nevada.
    - Responsibilities: Emergency Medical Services physician for the rural population of Fallon, Nevada
  • Sharp Rees Stealy Medical Group 1988-1990
    - Integrated Healthcare Delivery Network including Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine Services
    - Responsibilities: Locums Tenens physician for San Diego County ambulatory clinical facilities
  • Inland East Medical Clinics 1985-1987
    - Multi-Specialty medical group practice in La Mesa and Santee, San Diego Co., California
    - Responsibilities: Family Practice with First Surgical Assisting and Care Coordination
  • Southwest Medical Associates - Sierra Health Services 1982-1985
    - Health Plan of Nevada (HMO) in Las Vegas, Nevada
    - Responsibilities: Family Practice Department Independent Contractor Physician Services
  • U.S. Air Force Medical Corp 1980-1983
    - Military clinics and hospitals in Alaska and Nevada (Global Operations, Readiness)
    - Responsibilities: Family Practice and Emergency Physician with direct patient care duties


  • B.S., Medical Sciences, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada
  • M.D., University of Health Sciences / Chicago Medical School, N. Chicago, Illinois
  • PostGraduate Residency, David Grant U.S.A.F. Medical Center, Travis AFB, California
  • C.M.M., American College of Physician Executives and Carnegie-Mellon University Graduate Program in Medical Management: Certified 2000
  • EDS University Leadership and Professional Development Courses HIAA


Michael Farber, M.D.
Medical Policy and
Benefits Section DHS Medi-Cal
Jerry Rogan, M.D
Medical Director, N.H.I.C.
N. California Medicare Carrier
Jack Lewin, M.D.
Past Executive V.P., C.E.O. California Medical Association, C.E.O American College of Cardiology

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